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Aligning a global team to finish projects faster

Esker's professional services teams rely on monday.

Learn how Esker’s 14 global subsidiaries use to standardise project delivery & recognise revenue sooner.


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Industry - B2B SaaS, Finance

Use Case - Project Management

"Work Perfect paid a lot of attention to listening to us throughout the process."

Esker: Embracing change & global standardisation

Esker is a global business offering customers technology solutions for finance & procurement processes.

Esker’s 14 global subsidiaries deliver projects across geographies, using a shared pool of resources.

This creates a range of challenges for Esker:

  • managing regional differences in demand for projects
  • satisfying customers with pressing timelines
  • getting insight into global capacity

Ben Braun, Professional Services Director for the Americas, took the lead on finding a single tool that could be used globally to address these issues.

“Customers don’t want to wait. 

So it’s our desire to start projects as quickly as possible.”

With multiple ways of working, insights go missing

Before, Esker’s teams were using a concoction of internally developed workarounds in tools like Microsoft Excel, SAP, Salesforce, Financial Force, DevOps, and Trello.

This made it difficult for Leadership to get insights on capacity gaps & project backlogs. It required lots of regular meetings & discussion to get everyone on the same page.

Aligning the global teams became the top priority & the most complex challenge in the business.

Decreasing time to revenue recognition

Esker’s core offering is its range of subscription-based SaaS solutions.

Difficulties around global capacity meant that projects were often delayed in starting. This was having a commercial impact on Esker.

As Ben explains:

“Until we start the project, we don’t charge a subscription fee. So that was really delaying a lot of our revenue.”

Looking for a secure source of truth

Esker handles highly sensitive customer data. 

Ben Braun explains:

“Security was a major concern.

So we did go through a large security analysis of”

The Esker evaluation team identified some functionality in Trello & DevOps they liked, but all of those could be done with, in a secure environment.

There are some known vulnerabilities in restricting access to project or customer-level data within Trello & DevOps.

Using customisable standardisation

Each of Esker’s 14 subsidiaries run their projects a little bit differently. 

But there are common data points that need to be captured on every single project.

“What we like about is that in addition to that core template, each subsidiary can account for unique business practices.”

Working closely with Esker, we were able to find the balance between customisation & standardisation to make sure end users and Executives around the world get what they need out of the solution.

We helped Esker:

Manage a global resource pool

Gain capacity insights

Reduce Project backlog

"We needed that Sherpa to show us the way."

Lesson learned: Focus on Change Management for any software implementation

The end result was a success, however it wasn’t all smooth sailing. 

Ben shares the one thing he wish he knew before starting the project:

“Not everybody is going to be change tolerant.

That was something I really underestimated.”

As the project evolved, Work Perfect & Esker adapted the focus of implementation towards People.

We developed bespoke training & onboarding sessions & provided personalised support to end users to make sure they felt comfortable using the platform.

We also created a knowledge base to capture standard operating procedures.

Work Perfect: The Sherpa who can see around corners

Esker understands the importance of an expert guide, a ‘Sherpa’ to show the way for any complex software implementation.

“This is your first time down the path.

You don’t know what’s around the corner.”

We became a trusted advisor to Esker to guide them through this transformational project.

We built a deep understanding of Esker’s requirements, regularly clarifying & confirming their top objectives.

A great outcome for Esker

This project has changed the way Esker delivers its projects around the world. 

Powered by, Esker have solved the challenges of change management and global standardisation. 

This has not only streamlined their revenue recognition process but also fostered collaboration and alignment among diverse teams worldwide. 

We’re proud to be Esker’s Sherpa on the path toward success.

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