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Optimising DevOps Investment

Speed of delivery is a competitive advantage.

Learn how Tyro (ASX:TYR) made 2023 its most successful year, powered by

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Industry: Banking & Financial Services

Use Case: Product Management & DevOps

Product: Work Management

"A centralised tool with live data is powerful."

Tyro: Powering the Future of Payments

Tyro is Australia’s largest EFTPOS provider outside of the big four banks, helping over 68,000 Australian businesses grow and thrive through their fast EFTPOS solutions, streamlined business lending and banking products.

Excelling in a highly regulated sector with significant compliance requirements, delivering fast has remained key to their success.  

Chief Technology Officer Paul Keen explains Tyro’s focus:

“Our top priority is to make sure we’re delivering the best products that our customers need and love.

In a highly regulated sector, speed of delivery is a competitive advantage.

So our focus is to move as efficiently as possible to deliver solutions better than our competitors.”

Maintaining a start-up mindset at scale.

Tyro is a FinTech at heart.

And despite having over 700 staff today, the leadership team maintains a start-up mentality as part of Tyro’s culture. 

Product & technology changes are delivered up to 45 times a day.

To iterate & deliver this quickly, Tyro needs crystal clarity on work in progress.

Paul leads the technology team of 260 developers & engineers, delivering work across new feature & product development, maintenance, support & compliance.

This work is guided by the Tyro Delivery Framework, Tyro’s own way of getting things done efficiently.

Like most Product & Technology teams, Tyro used Jira to manage sprints & day-to-day activity. was also embedded & well-liked in other departments across the organisation.

Paul explains the challenge Tyro faced before:

“We have 27 different squads, all putting things into Jira.

We were really struggling to clearly see what they’re working on.

We needed a central store of the true activity going on in the portfolio.”

The Challenge: Crystal Clarity

Tyro’s Board & executive team wanted to shape business decisions around the data.

“Everyone’s really busy, right? But the number one thing you’re trying to do is work out whether you’re delivering value from the effort you’re putting in.”

The issue was around how best to share exactly what Tyro’s technology team were working on.

Focusing on the most value-adding activity is crucial for any business, even more so as a publicly listed company.

The Parameters

Tyro needed a simple, automated way to get visibility on effort & investment from its product & engineering activity.

This enables data-driven decision-making, allowing Tyro to focus on the most value-adding activity & therefore deliver better products to customers quicker.

The solution had to collate live data that’s accurate, auditable & easily interrogated.

To drive adoption, Tyro needed a solution that would match their existing ways of working (the Tyro Delivery Framework), with everyone able to work in their tool of choice (be that Jira or

Paul explains the design brief in a nutshell:

“We wanted to be able to track all activity and see both the effort and the cost of that.

 And secondly, we wanted to track the complex projects in a much more defined, centralised, automated way.”

Accelerate delivery

Onboard customers faster

Better visibility on project status

Insight into DevOps ROI

Improve capacity management

Change the narrative at Board level

"We wanted a solution that matches the way we work."

Our Solution: A Custom Jira Integration

Our Solution helps Tyro align technology effort and product strategy.

Tyro can now ensure all new feature rollouts are in line with the product roadmap, involving stakeholders from across the organisation.

To do this, we created a custom integration between Tyro’s Jira & instances.

Our integration extracts data from Jira, brings it into and then summarises it for reporting purposes.

Our solution also runs in-parallel calculations based on squad data & blended rates to provide an accurate estimate of cost-of-effort, or DevOps investment.

Our solution provides real-time sync of JIRA effort to projects & portfolios. It then assigns accurate costings to this effort (functionality not available in Jira).

Live data is rolled up into a set of executive dashboards to drive decision-making.

Key Solution Features

Our solution accommodates every Jira issue type:

  • Epics
  • Stories
  • Tasks
  • Bugs
  • Subtasks

Crucially, our solution maintains the parent-child hierarchy from JIRA in, connecting data at a Portfolio, Project, Group, Item & Sub-Item level.

The solution includes customised filtering of data to be ingested so reports can be sliced & diced for better insights.

In a two-step process, the solution ingests effort data from Jira and then performs automated cost calculations to visualise & manage budgets.                       

But what’s the best bit?

“My favourite part of the solution is the flexibility it gives us.

We can continuously improve without waiting for someone else.”

How we got there: Our Process

Our team of Change Management & Business Process Consulting professionals led Tyro through a 6-step process to achieve their outcomes:

  • Discovery
  • Design
  • Iterative Build
  • User Acceptance testing
  • Enablement
  • Continuous Support
Work Perfect Change Management phase diagram chart that shows steps 1 through 3 for Phase 1 and steps 4 through 6 for Phase 2.
An overview of our solution development & implementation process

1. Discovery

The project started with a Discovery Workshop to understand exactly how work gets done within the organisation. Through this process, we also surfaced & clarified Tyro’s business objectives for the project.

First, we ask broad questions to Discover Tyro’s business challenges. We use their answers to Define the right problem to solve.

A key deliverable from this stage is a set of detailed business process maps, to be validated by the customer. Learn more about our Discovery Workshops here.

2. Design

Tyro had a very clear idea of what they wanted to achieve. Our job was to design the simplest, most effective & efficient solution to deliver those outcomes.

Our professional services team designed a bespoke solution based on the process maps & desired future state. 

3. Iterative Build

This solution pushes the limits of the platform, so we focused on rapid iterations to ensure viability.

We showcased the early prototypes & MVP to Tyro throughout the process.

Tyro gave open & constructive feedback on the solution to help us iterate fast.

4. User Acceptance Testing

With a finished solution in place, we hand it over to the client for thorough User Acceptance Testing.

5. Enablement

Our goal for enablement is to ensure all end users have a strong understanding of the platform & the solution.

We hosted & recorded scenario-based training sessions specific to Tyro’s solution.

We also delivered a personalised Knowledge Centre for Tyro.

Full of playbooks, recordings & resources, our comprehensive knowledge centre allows their team & any new starters to self-serve.

6. Continuous improvement

Our commitment to enablement doesn’t end at implementation.

After Go-Live, we ran feedback sessions & an engagement survey to ensure the solution continues to meet Tyro’s needs.

Learn more about our Change Management services here.


It feels like there’s a new project management tool on the market every month.

With more choice than ever before, selecting the right tool is crucial to adoption.

Workflow flexibility

Paul explains how Tyro’s Executive team cut through the noise to make a decision.

“By using, we could stick with the delivery framework we know & use.

A lot of [other] tools say, ‘if you follow our methodology, the product will work really well. If you try to do something outside of that, it’s all going to fall apart.’” 

Australian Data Centre

Data security is a key concern for compliance-conscious businesses like Tyro.

So’s AWS-hosted Australian Data Centre gives Paul & the executive team peace of mind about where their data resides.

Transformative Results: Tyro's Best Year in Business

In 2023, Tyro had it’s most successful year ever.

This was made possible by a disciplined focus on cost & accelerated product delivery, powered by Work Perfect &

Paul explains the transformation.

“We’ve seen a transformation in project delivery across the business.

Rather than showing old PowerPoint slides [in exec team meetings], we’re now able to show as a live reporting structure.

It’s a big change for the business but it allows us to answer questions by drilling into the detail.”

So why is decision-making driven by live data & analytics such a game-changer for Tyro’s exec team?

“The benefit of seeing live data is you can interact with it.

You can see how things were derived, and that gives them much more meaning. 

We have much better visibility around our capacity management and what we can deliver.”

Align People, Process & Technology

Our work with Tyro (and all our customers) goes beyond technology implementation.

We develop a deep understanding of your workflows, create innovative solutions & enable your teams to use them effectively.

We align your people, process & technology to deliver transformative results.

We align your people, process & technology to deliver transformative results.

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