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Streamlining Marketing Ops for Randstad

How Randstad use monday to focus on value-driven work.

Learn how we transformed Marketing Operations across Australia & New Zealand for the world’s largest Recruitment & HR services company.

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Industry - Recruitment

Use Case - Marketing Operations

"Everything we do & the value it drives for our business can be reported on."

In a competitive industry, efficiency matters.

You’ve heard about the global talent shortage. This means competition is fiercer than ever in recruitment.

Randstad is the industry leader with a presence in 38 countries. Macroeconomic dynamics like skill/labour shortages and technological advances also affect the marketing function.

This dynamic environment demands a clear direction for marketing operations to help Randstad optimise its workflow. The goal is to improve productivity through a transparent and unified way of working across local, extended teams and suppliers.

As Ben Rakach, Head of Marketing data, technology & operations ANZ explains:

“We’re looking to have visibility on the work we’re doing across our team & increase productivity with a more strategic workflow.”

“We can’t operate blind, driving a strong return on investment requires data driven visibility and strong synergies across teams.”

The Challenge: Simplifying tech stack & aligning dispersed teams

Randstad’s ANZ marketing team faced several challenges:

  • Improving visibility and decision-making on work that drives real business value (and disqualifying work that doesn’t)
  • Working with marketing resource management  tools that weren’t fit for purpose
  • Time-consuming workflows with no automation
  • Increased need for driving synergies in collaboration with teams across the APAC region

Randstad had a bold vision for the APAC region:

“All of us operating in the same marketing resource management platform, using the same structure for the same purpose, understanding who’s doing what, minimising duplication of effort, driving synergies and delivering value for the business.”

The Solution: Enter & Work Perfect

After testing a range of tools, Ben and the team at Randstad identified as their platform of choice.

However, they quickly realised they’d need expert guidance to unlock it’s full potential.

“It was a matter of finding a partner like [Work Perfect] to help us translate what we wanted to do as a team into our environment.”

We supported Ranstad on 3 key objectives:

Align Work to Business Goals: Create visibility on how every work task aligns to Randstad’s marketing pillars of Customer Experience, Lead Generation & Purpose (Branding and reputation).

Change Management: Enable the team to change the way they work, standardising project templates, timelines & OKRs.

Scalability: Build a structure that can be replicated across the APAC Region with minimal customisation to give a single regional view

The scope of our project included seven user groups in the Marketing division:

  • Marketing
  • Digital
  • Comms
  • Business Partners
  • Design
  • External Agencies
  • Operations

Our approach: The Double Diamond

We apply a human-centred design model called the Double Diamond to each project.

We break each project into four phases (shown below). This helps us:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the complex problems our clients face,
  • identify correct intervention points,
  • develop innovative solutions, then
  • deliver solutions that work.
The Double Diamond is a human-centred design model we use to design the right solution to the right problem.

This means continually asking ‘Why?’ & challenging the status quo. Our work with Randstad was no different, as Ben explains:

“[Work Perfect] really question the way that we work. You challenge us on certain ways of working and that’s exactly what we needed.”

We helped Randstad:

Align work to business goals

Manage change

Scale the solution

"From the first meeting, to signing off the project, everything was extremely seamless."

Our Solution

We delivered an all-in-one marketing solution to manage:

  • high-level marketing workflows
  • agency briefs
  • projects
  • BAU work.

This includes:

  • A high-level marketing portfolio with standardised briefing forms to distribute work to required channels.
  • Standardised briefing documents for Design, Comms & Digital teams
  • Shared boards for Randstad to brief & manage its external agencies
  • A Project Management Office (PMO) Solution to manage OKRs and long term projects.

Transformative Results

Our work with Randstad has delivered transformative results for the marketing division in a range of areas:

  • Visibility and Reporting: Randstad gained real-time insights into their tasks and projects, helping better decisions & better communication with stakeholders.
  • Simplified Workflows: Randstad has streamlined processes and removed unnecessary complexities, growing efficiency and productivity.
  • Value-Driven Approach: Randstad’s marketing team aligned their tasks with key business pillars, ensuring every action contributes to customer experience, lead generation, and branding efforts.
  • Regional impact: With proven success in ANZ, Randstad’s environment is now being replicated and scaled across the APAC region, enabling a consistent and efficient way of working.

What does the customer think?

Ben Rakach, Head of Marketing Operations ANZ & the project lead for our work, said:

“From the first meeting to signing off the project at the very end, everything was extremely seamless.

 [Work Perfect] are intuitive with the way you work, you were able to capture all of our pain points really accurately, you were really diligent with the versions of the  environment that we worked on.

 From start to finish, it was a really good experience working with you.”

Lessons Learned

All innovative projects follow a learning curve.

We helped the Randstad Marketing team focus on the core functionality needed to achieve their objectives. Ben Rakach explains:

“We did capture a lot of requirements we wanted [] to do this and do that, but in reality, by the time we got to the end we’d simplified a lot of those processes and steps.

 So I think we had to go through that process of setting it up, understanding it, seeing it actually working within the environment to understand: maybe we don’t need all this stuff.”

This is simply one of the benefits of engaging an experienced partner for your implementation.

Partnering for Success: People, Process & Technology

Our work with Randstand (and all our customers) goes beyond technology implementation. By challenging existing practices, suggesting innovative strategies, and providing continuous support, we help align your people, process & technology to deliver transformative results.

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