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Industry - Retail

Use Case - Business Operations

"The solution delivered by Work Perfect helps us make collaborative, data-driven decisions faster and more efficiently."

McDonald's is one of the world's most innovative companies.

Anyone across Australia & New Zealand within it’s 14 functional departments can submit a Business Case for change.

But driving innovation in a business of McDonald’s scale & complexity needs a cohesive decision-making process that considers all the angles.

As a household brand & one of the largest employers across Australia & New Zealand, decisions impact hundreds of thousands of employees, suppliers, and customers.

Our brief was to work with McDonald’s to digitise & streamline their Business Case briefing & approval process, powered by

We delivered:

  • Increased communication & operational efficiency across all stakeholders
  • A standardised, modernised internal system to replace disparate manual processes
  • Delight for project managers who supported individuals in bringing their ideas to life
  • Delight for end-customers through approved ideas like:
    • Potato Scallops with chicken salt
    • Cheesy Jalapeno Pops
    • Cajun Chicken Deluxe burger
    • And many more new concepts

Our solution in numbers:

  • 500+ Business Cases submitted annually
  • $680,376 annual value in efficiencies
  • 1,224 hours saved per month in the Business Case briefing process
  • 20,075 unnecessary emails not sent per year
  • POC delivered inside 30 days
  • 87.8% of users agree the solution improves collaboration

The solution was showcased to McDonald’s global operations team as an example of best practice.

We were also delighted to win the award for Platform Innovator at the 2023 CRN Impact Awards for this project.

87.8% of users agree increases collaboration

Who is McDonald's? (Just kidding.)

McDonald’s is the second largest private employer in the world.

That means every business decision has wide-reaching consequences.

Getting those decisions wrong, or not consulting the right people, can have multi-million dollar business impacts.

So McDonald’s Australia uses a rigorous 12-step Business Case approval process (called business briefs internally) to help get more decisions right, more often.

Problem was, each team followed this process differently:

  • No single source of truth to track progress of all the business briefs
  • Teams consulted different people – collating feedback manually via email
  • Used different templates in Excel & Word – creating manual work & double-handling
  • Worked to different timelines – often resulting in bottlenecks

 The process impacts 12 internal business departments.

In most business cases external stakeholders were also impacted.

One person was responsible for ensuring all ideas were captured and submitted for relevant approvals.

They sifted through the different versions of documents & spreadsheets to compile a standard brief for senior executives.

They also worked with the person championing the idea (called ‘Brief Lead’ internally) to ensure all the required information was included.

What was the brief?

  • Create a uniform process for functional departments to prepare business cases for senior leaders
  • Make it easy for all departments to have visibility on business case status
  • Give transparency on rationale of approvals/rejections
  • Build a single source of truth for all our stakeholders so everyone is on the same page

What were the challenges?

  • Adapting technology to suit existing processes & reporting
  • Ensuring all stakeholders requirements were met
  • Change fatigue – implementing too much change rapidly
  • Business continuity

What were the risks?

  • Major time bottleneck
  • Human error & omission of key information
  • Single point of failure
  • Legwork to communicate decisions up and down the chain
  • No audit trail
  • Limited ability to collaborate


We built a custom solution using as the core platform that collates underlying data from Brief Leads & Project Managers.

This data includes:

  • Internal feedback & recommendations
  • Downstream actions & next steps at each stage of the approval process
  • New actions / decisions arising
  • Supporting material like Cost-Benefit Analysis, pricing models & other technical details

Data is automatically populated into a templated PDF which is familiar and user-friendly for senior executives, suppliers & other stakeholders.

The solution is powered by, Make & PandaDoc.

The Tools is a cloud-based project management tool that helps teams manage tasks, projects, and workflows.

Make, formerly known as Integromat, is a middleware tool that uses API integrations & webhooks to connect various applications and automate workflows.

PandaDoc is a document automation software that streamlines document creation, delivery, and tracking processes.

Our solution takes and organises data from into McDonald’s standardised briefing template using these three platforms.

"We can now gather input from all our key stakeholders while maintaining the momentum we need to run our business effectively."

Why do McDonald's love our solution?

“Implementing has significantly enhanced collaboration and communication among our team, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.”

Daniel Antonjuk – Integration Consultant & Digital Champion ANZ, Supply Chain

“ has improved our business process efficiency and productivity in 4 areas: streamlining communication, transparency, automation & increased accountability.

Matt Carey – National Operations Consultant, Business Process 

Here's the proof our solution works:

The McDonald’s team prepare an average of 520 business cases each year.

The single source of truth makes communication more efficient.

Previously, each brief required an average of 38 emails per brief.

Users now collaborate and collate information directly within This saves over 20,075 unnecessary emails each year.

Across 102 users, our solution saves an estimated 3 hours per week to prepare, communicate & assess Business Cases.

That’s 1,224 hours per month.

87.8% of McDonald’s users surveyed post solution roll out agreed that monday improves cross-business collaboration.

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