Business Process Consulting

We use a Design Thinking process called The Double Diamond to fix the right problem, with the right solution. A bad process, automated, is still a bad process.

Our Method: The Double Diamond

First, we ask broad questions to Discover your business challenges. We use your answers to Define the right problem to solve.

Then, we Develop full range of possible solutions, before we Deliver the best solution to achieve your required outcomes most efficiently.

We follow an iterative process which means we can move faster. We put your people front and centre as we move through the stages.


Our 80-20 Rule

When we build your solution, we’ll get to 80% quickly, then hand it to you & ask you to break it.

Then you tell us all the ways it could be better.

We continue to work in this way, solving the final 20% until we’ve got something that ‘just works.’


Our customers ‘know it when they see it’.

We’ve learnt it’s very hard for customers to explain & document exactly what’s needed.

It’s so hard because you can’t see it in action. Once it’s built & you get to play with it, you’ll have more ideas.

So we ask good questions to define an initial problem & set of requirements.

Then we build a prototype for you to test, and we refine it together.

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