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Creating brand advocates with Britax

Better briefs mean better campaigns

Learn how we fixed the marketing campaign briefing process for the #1 brand in safety technology.

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Industry - Retail

Use Case - Marketing & Customer Service

"We needed a more bespoke solution. And that's what we got."

Building brand advocacy as a market leader

Britax has been at the forefront of child restraint systems for decades.

Renowned for its high-quality, innovative products, Britax has established itself a go-to choice for parents.

Michelle Wee, Marketing Director, explains:

“We pride ourselves on product development and innovation. Technology is what sets us apart from our competitors.”

The Business Challenge: Educating a new generation of customers

Britax products are targeted to a clearly defined phase of life: new parenthood.

This means a massive 60 percent of Britax’s target audience is new entrants to the market.

“We’ve been around for a long time. We’ve got that history and that heritage, but at the end of the day, it’s a new generation to the market.”

This means Britax’s marketing strategy is based on 3 factors:

  • Creating brand advocates
  • Educating its audience on the importance of safety
  • Showcasing Britax’s market-leading safety technology & products

Michelle goes on to explain:

“You can have the best product in the world, but if consumers don’t understand it, and don’t know why they need it, they won’t buy it.”

The Operational Challenge: Consistent, high-quality messaging across all channels

Aside from marketing direct to consumers, Britax also supplies marketing collateral & messaging to a wide network of retailers.

Each of these retailers uses Britax marketing materials with different guidelines & requirements.

“We work really closely with baby retailers. They’re often asking us for point of sale material for store level competitions or campaigns.”

But there was a big problem.

The Britax marketing team was inundated with requests from all different departments. Collateral was taking too long to produce, for 3 main reasons:

  • Missing or incomplete information from the requester in the brief
  • All requests managed via Excel making collaboration difficult
  • No clear priority order or queue

The Britax marketing team were tracking requests using 5 different briefing forms & trying to translate these into a single view of all activity.

“The biggest challenge we had was the briefing process. We would get an email, with an Excel spreadsheet filled out.

Half the time information was missing.”

We helped Britax:

Get messages in market quicker

Standardise the briefing process

Build brand advocacy

"You provide the solution that makes sense to the business. That's what sets you apart.

Our Solution

Our approach to helping Britax went beyond providing a project management tool.

We focused on understanding Britax’s unique needs and tailoring the solution to fit their specific requirements.

This customised approach ensured that Britax could maximise the benefits of for their marketing operations.

We delivered an all-in-one marketing solution to manage:

  • high-level marketing workflows
  • campaign briefs
  • projects
  • BAU work.

Michelle explains:

“Now everything is fully automated. 

A briefer fills in a form, they get an email to say that they’ve done it. That goes into our key [] board. And everything goes from there. It’s seamless and the followup is easy.”

Tangible Results

Britax’s adoption of translated into tangible benefits for their customers, particularly their retail partners.

With the platform’s efficiency and clarity, Britax could respond to requests more quickly to deliver requirements for customers. became the central hub for coordinating marketing efforts.

And the Customer's favourite part?

Michelle Wee, Marketing Director at Britax, explains:

“It was that service element. You built it, you set it up, you showed us how to use it and we haven’t looked back.

And, if along the way, we’ve had some little issues, your service is really quick, we’re not waiting days. It’s been really beneficial.”

Partnering for Success: People, Process & Technology

Our work with Britax (and all our customers) goes beyond technology implementation. By challenging existing practices, suggesting innovative strategies, and providing continuous support, we help align your people, process & technology to deliver transformative results.

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