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HBF saved 1,039 hours a month

From failed audit to an automated process in 45 days

How we helped HBF simplify marketing operations & drive compliance

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Industry - Insurance

Use Case - Marketing Operations

"Once people started getting into the tool, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive."

The HBF Marketing team push the envelope of creativity.

The problem was, they had 17 different internal processes using multiple different platforms, tools and folders.

It was tiresome and tedious for the team to figure out which tool to use, how to fill things in & where to store them.

They were wasting time and it was too hard to keep up. They were using so many tools it was actually slowing the process down & limiting their ability to be creative.

Worst of all, an external audit found some compliance weaknesses in their internal campaign processes.

They needed to resolve these audit findings to avoid any more compliance issues.

Let’s cut to the chase, here’s what we achieved:

We fixed their compliance gaps & simplified their processes

To deliver these outcomes, we started with discovery workshops to identify existing pain points in the marketing function. The teams came up with a wish-list of ways technology could enable better day-to-day operations.

These sessions covered capacity management, project management, Go-to-Market and approval process, as well as audit reporting.

We then moved into brainstorming to highlight key strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and obstacles.

To help manage the change, we also led 1:1 workshops with key stakeholders to boost acceptance and create a sense of readiness to change.

This process resulted in a clear definition of the core problems to be solved.

We worked with stakeholders across HBF including:

  • Marketing Team
  • Agency partners
  • Product team
  • Legal & Compliance Team
  • Cyber & Privacy Team
  • Champions

We defined 4 areas for improvement

Using this information, we mapped out streamlined ‘to-be’ processes.

We developed prototypes & Minimum Viable Solutions quickly then put them into the hands of end users.

"There was no question that went unanswered, nothing was too hard."

We handed over a prototype within 2 weeks.


Our customers ‘know it when they see it’.

We’ve learnt it’s very hard for customers to explain & document exactly what is needed.

It’s so difficult because the customer can’t see it in action. Once it’s built & you get to play with it, you’ll have more ideas.

So we ask good questions to define an initial problem & set of requirements.

Then we supply a prototype and ask the customer to break it. You tell us all the ways it could be better.  

We continue to work in this way until we’ve got something that ‘just works.’

Here’s a look at the overall Journey for this project. Read on for more detail.

Implementation is the most important part of our journey with customers.

Teaching people to use a new platform is hard.

Here’s what the HBF team told us they wish they knew before they started implementing their solution with us:

  • Change takes time.
  • Everyone in the team has their own learning preference.
  • Run more one-to-one interactions & check-ins with the team earlier, to build the team’s confidence sooner.
  • Identify your advocates well in advance & empower them.

We co-designed our implementation approach with HBF to tackle these challenges:

Detailed training & walk-through: We take end users step by step through the new solutions we build, answering questions along the way and compiling responses.

Knowledge Base: Playbooks, cheat sheets, recordings & other resources for users to self-serve when they have a question on the new solution.

Optimisation: During our monthly check-in, we celebrate customer wins, how the solution has improved work efficiency and how much time have been saved. We also look at how we can improve the solution.

Lunch & Learn: We offer regular foundation and advanced training sessions for anyone who wants to recap and upgrade their skills.

Tailored Trainings: For new hires and external teams, we run a tailored training agenda to share best practices and boost enablement.

Champion Huddles: Champions are our community of strong users across businesses who advocate for Champions attend hackathon, digital day, and virtual round tables.

95% of users agree it saves them time

Why do HBF love our solution?

“How we work with our stakeholders has definitely improved.”

Kristina Green – Head of Marketing Operations

“No more do we get emails to check where things are at. Briefs coming in, work going out; everything is centralised in one spot.

The other benefit is the reporting available on resources and capacity, those functionalities have benefited the team hugely.”

Maddy Johnson – Martech Consultant

Here's the proof our solution works:

Charts displaying 95% of users agree solution saves time.

We saved the HBF Marketing team 1,039 hours per month.

That’s 26 hours per person, per month.

The ROI for the project was 583%

We eliminated manual approvals from the marketing department

Plus, the team passed their next audit with flying colours. Here’s what the auditor said:

It is pleasing to note that the processes and key controls in place to manage consistent brand messaging and accurate marketing content are designed and operating effectively…

The implementation of a new work management software (‘’) in January 2022 has enhanced collaboration, automation and streamlined key marketing processes including the content review and approval process.

That’s auditor speak for “Work Perfect & did a great job at helping the marketing team get work done.”

We also asked end users what they thought of our solution:

  • 95% agreed it saves them time
  • 83% thought it was either very or extremely useful (we love hyperbole!)

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