We designed SuperOS for Australian Super Funds.

What do you want to work on?

Manage your talent

There’s a skills shortage in the Super Industry. 

SuperOS helps you find & keep the best people.

Recruitment Workflow Overview

View the entire recruitment process in a single dashboard, from candidate to hire.

Centralise Employee Information

Manage & collaborate on HR documents, all in one place.

High Level Overview

View & track requests from all Super Fund departments to improve workflow.

Progress insights in real time

Shorter feedback loops mean better decisions.

No need to pull another report.

Cut the data however you need, in real time

Make data-driven decisions, without analysis paralysis. 

Dashboards & Analytics 

Align all employees with organisational goals, without endless meetings.

Simplify Board Reporting

Create standard templates for your stakeholders, without manually updating data every month.

Get campaigns in-market faster

Acquiring & retaining members is more competitive than ever.

Automate campaign workflows so your team can focus on creating great content, quicker.

Automated brief requests

Receive creative briefs with all the details, first time.

Visualise your campaigns

View by channel, month, message or anything else. All in one place.

Streamline compliance

Get creative approved, without the compliance headache.

A better way to manage projects

Handle schedule changes & scope creep on the fly. 

Stay agile.

Portfolio Planning

Roll-up your Projects and see high-level progress

One click schedule changes

Simply drag and drop tasks or phases to reflect changes in schedule.

See your Project however you want

Multiple view types including Kanban, Gantt, Calendar & List.

Achieve your Big, Hairy Audacious Goals

Turn your Strategy into execution.

Share Goals with the whole organisation.

BYO Strategy

Includes templates for OKR, Balanced Scorecard, KPIs – solutions for any Strategy

Show everyone their place in the sun

Live dashboards enable your people to self-serve when it comes to Strategy. They see where they fit.

Transparency your way

Share what you can & protect what you have to.

Manage permissions & visibility without risk.

Do more with less

Drive efficiencies to lower funds for your Members.

Automate & streamline routine processes, to resolve queries faster.

Track requests & Approvals

Manage Finance requests seamlessly to enhance employee experience.

Procurement Insights 

See where spend is going, to identify savings opportunities.

Workload Management

Find and solve bottlenecks, fix things faster.

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