We use Design Thinking to make your processes better.

Process Mapping

Process mapping allows us to work out the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your current workflow and assess how we can optimise and future proof it.


We assess the current pain points in your workflow to understand what is working and what isn’t.

As-is process

We map out existing business processes, undertake stakeholder interviews and assess current digital tools to define the ‘as is process’.

To-be process

After engaging with you and your team, we map out the ‘to be’ process. This shapes standard operating procedures and becomes part of the onboarding process for new team members in the future.

Solution Building

If our years of experience have taught us anything, it is that every company has different workflow problems and needs. And we believe that no-one knows more about these than you. So it makes sense for us to involve you in the solution. That’s why we work closely with you to design an outcome that’s uniquely tailored to your requirements.

Solution Structures

We start by converting process maps to solution structures so you can see our deliverables.

Rapidly to 80%

While solutioning, we rapidly like to get to 80% and then work towards perfection together to ensure alignment.

Final 20%

The final 20% is built and shaped with your project champions who are the voices for change across the organisation.


A system is only as good as the people who use it. That’s why we undertake thorough end user enablement and champion training with a focus on how the solution solves a problem for them and delivers value with ease. We also provide cheat sheets, how to videos and knowledge banks to enable our customers.

Foundation Training

We undertake foundational training on digital tools to enable end users to solve workflow problems and increase efficiency. Register for foundation training

Advanced Training

We provide solution training to your teams so that they can become internal champions and drivers of change. Register for advanced training

Continuous Improvement

At Work Perfect, we believe small daily improvements eventually result in huge advantages. 

It’s these continuous optimisations that are the key to operational efficiency.

That’s why we collaborate with you on an ongoing basis.

Our approach is simple:


How the processes and product can be improved.


Collaborate to implement the improvements required.


Areas of optimisation and iteration.


Measure the outcomes with all impacted stakeholders.

With critical thinking, the right tools and ongoing collaboration, we enable you not to just work, but to “Work Perfect.”