OKR Solutions

Our Objective and Key Results solution allows you to define your hairy audacious goal along with some key metrics that push your teams to achieving those goals.

What does this solution do?

The Work Perfect OKR solution built on the monday.com platform, is an effective and collaborative leadership tool. It allows team leaders to set and communicate organisational goals and gives your vision, mission and strategy a voice that speaks to every member of the team.

What is the problem we are solving?

Inefficient workflow processes due to misalignment with the strategy of the business.

By creating a collaborative methodology used by teams/individuals to set SMART goals and measurable results, Work Perfect helps track progress, creates alignment, and enables senior leadership teams to run live dashboards on the monday.com platform.

What’s the benefit of using it?

Using OKRs in monday.com helps your organisation achieve greater workflow efficiency, leading to enhanced productivity. This is done by:

What tools are we using?

Who should be using it?

There is no hard and fast rule, but basically, if you have a medium to enterprise-sized organisation, then you should be using OKRs to define an organisational framework.